General Information

Species: Wolf (Canis Lupus)

Gender: Male

Pelt color: Dark gray, almost black

Markings: None


Mother: Rissa

Father: Ruuqo

Siblings: Unnan & Reel are brothers, Borlla & Marra are sisters


The Swift River Pack




Promise of the Wolves, Secrets of the Wolves, Spirit of The Wolves

When he was born, Ázzuen was often treated like he was below the rest of his litter. Even at that young age, he was smart. He figured out one of his sisters was not suckling properly. But he figured that out after it was too late, and she had died.

Ázzuen didn't have an easy puphood. He was bullied by his siblings Borlla and Unnan. They swatted him away, and he was ready to give up. That was when he met Kaala, and she showed him the meaning of life. He grew stronger and was soon given his name, although it was after his siblings. Ázzuen's is a warrior's name, and was the name of Rissa's father.

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